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Meet the characters of SOW- the boys

Affectionately termed, the tavern bros by the amazing Marcella! Alistair, Langford, and Hugo are the crew Lark encounters once she's made human. Alistair is a cunning rogue with a penchant for mischief, Langford is the resident healer and scholar a long way from home, and Hugo has the patience of a saint and the inability to refrain from constantly working on projects and repairing everyone's gear. Gorgeous art by @mariamacelw #meetthecharacters #sow #darkfantasy Alistair❤️❤️

Meet the characters of SOW- Lark

Lark!!! My main girl Lark. Reaper turned human searching for the meaning of life. Lark is an abundance of emotions fighting for dominance as she struggles to understand what she wants. She has a giant heart and the knowledge to make a man bleed out quickly. She's the heart and soul of SOW. These incredible artists did an amazing job bringing my character to life. art by @mageonduty and @witchlingsart respectively #meetthecharacter #songsofthewicked #darkfantasy

Meet the characters of SOW- Gavriel

Gavriel! The brooding assassin Lark risks it all to save! His values are always at war with his actions since The Guild trained him from childhood to stamp out that pesky conscience. The undeniable pull he feels toward Lark is both baffling and frustrating, and though he complains, he wouldn't have it any other way. Again, I can not thank these artists enough for their talent and vision! Art by @witchlingsart Art by @mageonduty #meetthecharacters #sow #darkfantasy

Meet the characters of SOW- Daciana

Daciana is an amazing fighter with a hidden past. Her loyalty and kindness is unmatched, but don't make the mistake of crossing anyone she loves. Art by @mageonduty art by @aprilroseart #meetthecharacters #sow #darkfantasy

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